The Federal Sterilizing Research Advisory Councils of Australia (FSRACA) promotes high standards of practice in the provision of sterilizing and disinfection services.

The National Council works closely with each State Branch and the common goal of maintaining industry standards, professional development and much more.

Throughout the year each of our State Branches run workshops and seminars to keep sterilizing technology practitioners fully informed on the latest developments in technology.


Membership is State Branch based. If you are interested in becoming a new member of FSRACA or need to renew your existing membership please visit your nearest branch website:

All Standards can be purchased from SAI Global- Link to Web Site - Click Here

ISO access to assess update status for ISO/TC 198 Sterilizing Standards.

The status of International standards can each be looked up on the ISO website by going to the relevant Technical committee and clicking on the work programme ‘under development’ tab (click on the stage and it will provide the definition of it). A sample for TC 198 is: LINK


CEC’s Quality Auditing Reporting System (QARS) and NSW public facilities are encouraged to use this system for their self-assessments, peer audit reviews and staff interviews - Click Here

FSRACA CSSD Training Video - Watch Online

The National Guide-Design and Handling of Surgical Instrument Transport Cases PDF - Download

Safe Handling and Management of surgical Loan Kit Training - Power Point Presentation Download (NOTE: RIGHT CLICK - SAVE TARGET AS to save file)

SOP - Safe Operating Procedures, SLS - Surgical Loan Sets, Receive and Despatch Download (NOTE: RIGHT CLICK - SAVE TARGET AS to save file)

Expression of Interest for the Sterilising Industry, Applying for a Research Grant
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World CSSD Day - Lets all celebrate our wonderful sterilising industry.

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