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The National Guide

FSRACA CSSD Training Video - FSRACA Training Video click here to view on Vimeo or click play to view below.

The National Guide-Design and Handling of Surgical Instrument Transport Cases
PDF - Download

Safe Handling and Management of surgical Loan Kit Training - Powerpoint Presentation Download

SOP - Safe Operating Procedures, SLS - Surgical Loan Sets, Receive and Despatch Download

HAI Watchdog Flyer - Download PDF

AS/NZS 4187 Relevant Standards - Download PDF

Expression of Interest for the Sterilising Industry, Applying for a Research Grant - Download PDF


Annual Sterilizer Validation - Clinical Approach - Download

Application technique sterilization - Download

Developing an Industry Safety Standard for the Design and Handling of surgical loan kits - Download

Manufacturer’s instructions for reprocessing reusable medical devices - the Regulatory perspective - Download

Tracking Forward, Tracking Back and Beyond - Download

Things I Learnt About Designing An Endoscopy Unit - Download

Perkins to ISO - Download

Constitution - Download