WFHSS 17th World Sterilization Congress 26-29 October 2016 BRISBANE Australia

In 2016 Brisbane, Australia will host the annual Congress of the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences from 26 – 29 October, 2016 at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Visit the official congress website for more information.

For the first time ever the world of Sterilization will travel to the land down under, because in 2016 Brisbane, Australia will host the annual Congress of the World Federation for Hospital Sterilization Sciences (WFHSS). The Federation of Sterilizing Research & Advisory Councils of Australia (FSRACA) wish to warmly and formally invite you to participate in the WFHSS 17th World Sterilization Congress in Brisbane from 26th to 29th October 2016.

The focus of this event is to ensure that prominent professionals and Trade partners from all continents have the opportunity to exchange their knowledge and expertise globally. This is a wonderful occasion to share knowledge and technology that leads to evidence-based best practice, standardization and innovation of key concepts. To exchange ideas and discuss issues and standards that effect our profession. In addition, we all have a common goal: the reprocessing of Reusable Medical Devices (RMD) is performed efficiently and with patient safety as our priority.

It is beneficial to network and learn from people just like yourself from around the world. You will find that wherever you are in the universe we all have similar issues, and you will learn strategies to those issues by attending and participating at the Congress in Brisbane, Australia in 2016.

Brisbane has been selected because of its spectacular location, weather, and friendly, warm culture. It is not far from the beautiful Gold Coast beaches, wildlife and theme parks, and the Great Barrier Reef. Just one hour by air travel to Sydney and Melbourne, and little further to Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and Tasmania. Enjoy alfresco gourmet international cuisine or just cruising the Brisbane River. Whatever you like to enjoy you will find it in Brisbane, Australia.

FSRACA is excited and is looking forward to welcoming you at the WFHSS Congress in Brisbane 2016.

So please take this opportunity to see and experience our beautiful country.

Lynne Noring
President FSRACA and Committee members